06 September 2010

Labour Day

A rather dreary, gray, misty labour day. My two weekend markets were a bit disappointing. Both were well attended but I did not sell much in the way of quilts. Scarves and vintage sweaters are going well at both locations and I forgot my camera on both days!! However, lots of nice people.
At the Brickworks on Saturday a charming woman came by (you know who you are). Apparently she had been researching vintage Liberty scarves and my blog came up...I was surprised, but maybe I should not be as it is in the public domain and I chose that. She came to the market to meet me and chat about scarves! I hope to see her again when I am so so excruciatingly busy.

I really must get out my collection and sort a bit, do not think I've done that for about 5 years. I am completely indiscriminate and am only guided by price (cheap) . I chose the above vintage Liberty scarf at random, just stuck my hand in the box!

A sari that I have for sale was featured in a delightful etsy treasury Tangerine Dream, put together by Cindy, a mosaic artist at earthmothermosaics, check out her interesting shop. I love Indian textiles, always exhuberant. I think in terms of fabric you always get your best 'bang for a buck' with a sari.

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