28 March 2016

easter sunday!!!!

Easter Sunday 2016.

One of my Christmas Cactus, blooming for the third time, thinks it may be spring.
Unlike my garden with nary a green shoot.
No sign of spring here in Ontario.


  1. My mother always said there were Easter cactus-zzzz. Not quite sure if that is true, or she only said that because hers insisted on blooming for Easter. Either way, yours is beautiful.

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  3. Almost nothing of spring here in upstate New York, either--it's snowing. Your cactus is gorgeous! Everyone says how easy they are . . . but I've killed quite a few.

    1. K, If you were up here I would give you a cutting.

  4. That's an impressive cactus you have there. We have 2 magnolia flowers on our baby tree, some daffs, a Japanese quince, two clumps of aubretia, a forsythia and tulips, the cherry blossom is already going over and the grass needs cutting - there's always a downside.


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