19 July 2015


This small printed label has long been the indicator of my favorite sort of Liberty scarf. So I was delighted to receive a reply from their Facebook  page when I inquired as to when this label was retired, the archivist  thinks it is pre WW11. I must have about 100 in my somewhat large collection.

But what is going on with Liberty these days? First I come across a scarf I almost dislike - then I come across a very dubious Liberty scarf,  perhaps a misprint.

 I ordered some Liberty print shirts ( on sale!!) last month from The Hudson's Bay Company, a department store here in Canada.

100% cotton, yes, Tana Lawn,, no. Reasonably made though a bit on the skimpy side  -  though that may be the extra lbs I have put on.
But whats with this ludicrous marketing tag? The new ' telling a story'  suppose.

Rather like my local supermarket that pretends to be a French market place.


  1. Anonymous20 July, 2015

    How nice that they are so responsive on their FB page! Is there a definitive book about Liberty scarves? Should you write one?!

  2. I know they have a full time archivist....maybe she would need an assistant, a few weeks,all expenses paid in London sounds good.

  3. I bet you have lots of questions you could ask the archivist. Nice to know she will answer you. I notice your pretty shirts say 'Liberty Art Fabrics' - I've seen this on several online sites too - do they use this now instead of 'Liberty of London' or have they been doing it for some time and I didn't realise?

    1. A good point, perhaps another question for the archivist


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