01 June 2015

Antique Quilt Tops

A tub of antique  quilt tops was unearthed from my garage   mini warehouse last week. Its been a couple of years since I saw these beauties.

Applique, tulips and Hawaiian from the 1930s.

More 1930s..... note the patriotic fabric commemorating a royal tour/ Perhaps 1939 , though that was only to Canada,  maybe 1953,    or possibly one taken by The Prince of Wales, later Duke of Windsor.

Some charming 19th century tops, all with interesting cottons,

Three graphic red and white tops, circa 1900

and a splendid charm quilt, packed with masses of 19th century fabrics. 
Interestingly, my heroine, Barbara Brackman, featured an old charm quilt on her blog today....could it be that this one is from the same time period?


  1. I must say that I'm always intrigued to see what comes to light when you dig in the warehouse!!

  2. Beautiful. How do you stop them from going 'musty' in storage?

    1. it is a problem....frequent airing I suppose.

    2. A good excuse to get them out and stroke them now and again I suppose.

    3. yes siree.....and always a surprise, like going to a charity shopand finding them all over again.


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