18 April 2015

New Liberty scarves

The sewn in label is my favorite kind. The above was so filthy  I barely knew what it was going to look like, the dirt pored out.  ( so satisfying)  Not clean yet, possibly I will not get the stains out. 
I wish I knew when these labels were retired, this blogger does not know either.

Pretty, soft, traditional colors in this little neckerchief.
Must have a count up of my collection soon, over 800 I know,perhaps about 850.


  1. Wow, lovely finds! You could contact Liberty and ask them for confirmation of the age, they are on facebook. I'm sure they would reply, especially if they saw the size of your scarf collection!

  2. Oh, thank you, I shall find them on FB.

  3. I keep an eye out for these on my thrifting expeditions but haven't stumbled on a single one as yet. I'm not about to become a collector and certainly don't wear them - just have a curiosity to see if I can find you one.

  4. WelI, MA I hardly ever find old knitting patterns in Canada

  5. I saved one from the scrap the other day and its a very similar label to your top photo although 'Liberty' is in cap lettering. I have't a clue how old it is either!


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