03 January 2015

Stella comes to stay.

Stella is here for a few days, so I persuaded  her to model a couple of scarves.

 My Hermes are overwhelming for her in size and personality. 

She also does not have the confidence to carry off a vintage 1930s Liberty scarf.

1970s Liberty is  closer to her comfort zone.

Cheeky 1950s neckerchief is suiting her quite well....very Roman Holiday.  My favorite movie of all time,  we watched it together last night.

I am off on my travels tomorrow, to the South Seas and New Zealand  .......hope you will join me.


  1. I will definitely be there with you, in spirit! Have a marvelous time.

  2. What a beautiful model! Enjoy your holiday - and the warmth!!

  3. Yes, she definitely looks happier with the 70s Liberty.
    Have a wonderful time on your travels.


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