01 October 2014

My first and only

The only polyester quilt I have ever bought.

I could not resist the folk art quality, specially the " lights" in the school house. The green patterned 'grass' is neat too.

This was its first outing to The Brickworks farmers market, where I sell on Saturday mornings.
It did not sit on the railing for long.......so I am glad I took a photograph.
School House is one of my favorite blocks, along with Ocean Waves,


  1. Bright and cheerful colours - need that as autumn looms!

  2. I can understand why this one didn't hang around for long! The colours alone would draw people in.

  3. I love the house blocks too. The quilting resembles mine - I already say the bigger stitches are deliberate - and I think I will refer to it as 'folk art quality' in future ;)


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