20 August 2014

The magic number

Boutiquefantastique is my etsy shop for vintage clothes. The avatar is my Auntie Dolly, my mums sister, whom I loved very much.  Uncle Joe is the groom.

It is my slowest shop and I was waiting for the magic number of sales - 222- to show up.

It was a bit of a  nightmare getting there.

The first #222   ( see below) I could not find and had to cancel the sale. The buyer was very understanding and replied " these things happen" .
The second # 222 sale on a fur coat cancelled within the hour,  the same coat received 3 very ( ridiculous ) low ball offers all on the same day and finally sold at #223 on a lay-a-way.
Sale #222 was a sweet 1930s wedding dress going to Florida.

Vintage clothing is very competitive on etsy, many shops use professional photographers. My photos need much work. Though I do have to say I know what I am talking about and cringe when I see listings selling a flapper dress from the 1920s with a nylon zip up the back.

This site needs some attention.....pull your socks up Jan!


  1. Sounds like 222 was a difficult number to reach....now onwards to 333 perhaps? I shouldn't, however, have gone over to peek at that wedding dress because now I am wishful thinking over all things satin and lace for stitching fodder. As if I need it!!

  2. Your aunty Dolly looks gorgeous!
    I find clothes very hard to photograph as well as linen. I've almost given up buying linen for my vintage shop as I never seem to be able to make it look spotless or pressed enough. I also had to cancel a sale once because I couldn't find the item. What are we like?

  3. I agree, but at least linen is easy to pack and send.
    BTW, it is not te first time I have 'lost'an item.

  4. I think your photos are beautiful, and your models too.

  5. thanks Dawn, that makes me feel a bit better

  6. taking good photographs is one of the biggest challenges with any online venture I find....if only we could all afford the professionals...


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