06 July 2014

good to be back

Its good to be back at the Brickworks Farmers Market, ( Saturdays 8 - 1 )

 I have my old spot, down by the quarry and was welcomed by old customers and vendors alike.

Mind you, I was exhausted by 10.30!!

Warren, my buddy from Boxit had a splendid new banner made for me.

Whilst he was about it he had one made for himself......handsome eh?

edit...get with the program Warren and get a website soon so I can link you.


  1. Good to be back in the saddle eh?

    Jean x

    1. yes, but my shoulder was killing me the next day, but I expected that,

  2. I love your new banner Jan and I'd have a field day rummaging through those lovely boxes. I do love a wooden box - don't ask me why.

    1. I have this 'thing' about boxes too.I keep all my pins, bits of ribbon, buttons etc in a collection of old cigarboxes


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