21 April 2014

Spring Cleaning....shawls

As spring is in the air....at least, in my imagination,

I pulled out my collection of old wool shawls and pashminas that I have collected over the years, planning to freshen them up and put some away for the winter.
All bought ( I hate the word 'sourced', so pretentious ) at thrift stores or church bazaars.

Some are nicer and/or older than others.    


 and woven.

Seems I have about 30 or so by now.

But this pashmina has been my favorite for  20 plus years. Bought at a church rummage sale, I wear it constantly.

There was a little surprise for me at the back of the drawer, but I published it earlier, by mistake.


  1. They are fantastic..I have a vary similar top woven one that I bought in Florence..my one trip:)to Europe.

    you must always look fantastic..how do you wear them? Any tips?:)

  2. I googled ' how to wear a shawl' and just about all the videos etc were about a light, newer, cheaper 'pashmina'( even if they are viscose.
    Some of mine are huge mens shawls. As I wear a lot of pant suits I like to use those as a heavy wrap instead of a winter coat.

  3. I laughed at your comment about 'sourcing'. I call it 'finding a bargain'. Lovely shawls but I hope you won't need to wear the big, thick ones for too much longer.

    1. Ahh ....we need a face to face discussion on this, over a glass or two .... Would love a trip to the midi Pyrenees soon.

  4. sourcing? I say that sometimes!!! however these came to be in your possession....I say you sourced them...lol...sorry....they are wonderful.

  5. Wonderful colours! I have two (both gifts) and haven't used either one of them I'm ashamed to say. I just never think of them and always think I look silly wearing such things. I guess they just take some getting used to.


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