19 July 2013

a shirt

One of my customers is the parent of Emily Foden, pictured here in the first edition of Pom Pom magazine.

Emily is a very talented dyer,  currently working in England.  She is wearing a vintage wool workshirt that her parents bought for her from my market stand.

 I hope that she does not read this blog as she is soon to get another vintage plaid shirt from the 1970s.

 She is sure to love it.....specially the label. Must look into getting a subscription to Pom Pom.


  1. A bit of vicarious fame is great isn't it? I had a customer once tell me she had given something bought from my vintage shop as a birthday gift to a famous lady for her Paris appartment. I was, for some reason, chuffed to bits.

  2. I love stories like this, and the relationships revolving.

  3. how cool!
    those shirts are interesting, they make a similar kind here in new zealand, (though only the very masculine looking ones; some of yours look softer in colour and to touch) many under the swanndri label-did you come across any when you were over here?


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