29 March 2013

out at the TMC

A morning out at the TMC to catch Maremekko, with love.

 I went with my old  friend Marja, who is a Finn and had lots of inside stories to tell.  It was a trip down memory lane for us.

Marja must still have about one half of the items on display.....I remember her in that purple and black little number ( below right).  I had the blue stripe third from right, always loved the quality of the cotton.

Vivid,vibrant little exhibition,very nicely displayed. Although I always renew my membership at the TMC, I often ( but not always) find the museum is cliquey and a bit amateur. The shop is excellent!


Marja still has a keen eye, here she is, at the show,  in an upcyled cardi made for her by DianeSimmons from an old hoodie. I think the cardi has a Klimt like appeal.

Then we went out for Dim Sum.


  1. What a great cardi. Klimt indeed :)
    Jean x

  2. I've been to the Textile Museum once (for a Kaffe Fassett display several years ago). Would love to be a regular visitor but it's a bit far away!

  3. oh my....Marimekko is my absolute favourite!!


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