29 October 2012


 The almost obligatory fall foliage piccies,  this year taken from inside as I am housebound for a few weeks.

 Difficult to capture the glorious autumn evening light as it shines through the leaves. The whole house has a wonderful golden glow......a very flattering light for the complexion. .

 Alas, I think all the leaves will be down tonight with the hurricane force winds that are forecast

 Huge, very aromatic lilies from a neighbor, a get well gift. The perfume scents the entire house.

The last of the dahlias. I am not too fond of these 'dinner plates', but adore the wee bronze chrysanthemums you can just see peeking out. We have a huge, old clump that appear after a frost. Lets see what is left of the garden after the storm.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely foliage Jan. I love chrysanthemums too but, even though you can buy some huge pots of them fairly cheaply here at the moment, it's because all the French buy them to put on the graves for Toussaint (All Saints Day) on 1st November, so it puts me off a bit! I wouldn't mind but the rest of the year they just use artificial flowers.


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