23 September 2012

Trying the new computor

We have a new computer, a Toshiba. So this post about yesterdays market at the Brickworks is a
learning curve.

 This attractive couple from Montreal wanted to buy the 50s curling jacket , or Saskatchewan smoking jacket as I like to call them them, and the 30s squirrel cape. They could only afford one item. Guess the sweater will come out again next week. (progress report...having trouble making the pics large, 1st two went OK then nothing....now I can't get the caps lock to work and make another bracket....

 Another happy customer buying a vintage hand knit from Newfoundland. She borrowed the cash from her brother-in-law. (don't seem to have spell check0 ...bracket still not working

A film crew had left all their props in my usual space so I moved to the other side of the aisle where Bernard at Shelflife keeps his  reclaimed wood to re purpose. It made a neat shelving unit and quite a lot of the orange and rust display sold.
9got pics to work now no brackets whatsoever0

Strangely no vintage mohairs sold....this was the first time I had taken them out this season. Next week perhaps.
 9 keys very sticky, specially the space bar0 and I have a neck ache,  will try putting the computer on a few books.....how the hell can I get spell check?

found spell check and finally made it work...00000 still no brackets

edit...what are all these bloody ooooos


  1. What a cute couple..and that pretty girl in the sweater:)

    I got a Toshiba laptop for our 30th anniversary..almost 9 yrs ago..It's still going:)

    We just bought little Androids:)
    You will get the hang of it!!

    If I can get the prove you are not a robot..you can get the Toshiba:)

  2. Congrats on the sales.

    Hope the computer becomes more friendly!

  3. Love the chunky cardigan! Hope you sort out your computer glitches!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Blooming computers!
    I'm sure you'll get used to it soon.
    I would definitely have gone for the cape too!

  5. You are so funny!I hope the computer starts treating you nicely.

  6. I love that squirl cape! And he looks amazing in that vest. I can imagine they must have had a hard time to decide on either one of them.

    Hope you and your computer will be best friends in no time. You had me laughing out loud on it. :)

    Boudoir of Paris


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