20 July 2012

a bumper crop

A bumper crop of red currants this year


 R has gone mad with his new ice cream maker, we have liters and liters of red currant sorbet in the freezer.

 I stick with my 80 year old sieve, bought at a church rummage (jumble) sale many decades ago. Surprisingly the berries yielded a sparse amount of juice, I suppose because it has been so dry. (eat your heart out Brits).

 I managed to get this .... my special red currant jelly, must say it is excellent. I could make another batch if I find the time. There are still lots on the vine, I love them in a tabbouleh.

For the past month we have been gathering a big bowl of raspberries every morning......more sorbet, by now we are begging yogurt containers from the neighbors. I am beginning to look like a raspberry as I eat so many. 
Alas the end is in sight here.
Black currants, white currants and gooseberries in lesser amounts to come.


  1. Oh--delicious! There's no better way to perfume the house than to make jelly!

  2. I was at the market this week in little Italy..I love those little jewels..very $$ here..
    Look at you and your bounty!Love the jars all sparkly.

  3. We sometimes have lots of redcurrants here but I must confess that they often go to waste as it is so fiddly getting them off the stalks. Love raspberries though and miss the ones we used to have in England - it's not really the ideal conditions for them here.

  4. MMMMmmmmm! It all looks super. I too have fruit, red currants and black currants, more than I thought and because af all that RAIN we've had the fruit are enourmous!
    Best wishes from a wet Brit ;o)
    Rose H

  5. Today I saw a strange orangey/yellow glowing object in the sky, not sure what it was but I was actually dry today to!!!! I now feel very hungry having seen your delicious looking jelly. Nx

  6. What gorgeous fruit Jan, and so nice to see. How healthy too. I am sure that sorbet is delightful in the heat. Cheers.

  7. mmmmm - yum!!! I love raspberries and it's always been a special birthday treat for me to get a few all to myself (hubby hates them).

  8. Oh my gosh, those current jelly jars are so beautiful. And sorbet! Sounds fantastic. I had a current bush when I moved into this house and went out and picked and picked and got enough to make one half-pint of jelly. Since then, the bush has died. Your post makes me think I might replant.


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