27 June 2012

Yet another scarf update

A new Hermes scarf for me, picked up thrifting this week.

 'Les Fetes du Roi Soleil'. This one has a lot going for it....good condition ( one tiny spot) , a French theme, exuberant design, 'fireworks' motif in the weave, a title and a designer. I think this is a keeper and will join my collection.


Bought on the same trip. I am sure this is an old Liberty scarf.....no label or logo, but I am sure. The color, motif and finish tell me so. I have been this route before and  wonder how long it will be before I find a replica  with a logo or label. Once I waited  15 years.


  1. That is a fabulous one:) oh so French and lovely:)

  2. Well done on the Hermes Jan - a great find.

  3. I love these old scarves - the patterns are so intricate and the colours beautiful. Enjoyed reading about your market stall too. Sounds like fun! xCathy


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