22 January 2012

New Zealand at last

 I always know I am really in New Zealand when I see the masses of agapanthus ....

 spy the rata, still in bloom

and, of course, commune with the sheep.

Blogging has been a bit of a problem for the last week as I have no immediate access to WiFi......am bought down to trying in a very noisy  Starbucks......R refuses to try McDonalds, that I understand has WIFI also.
I am working on it and will try again in a few days as there is masses to blog about.


  1. Welcome to New Zealand - hope you have a great time here!

  2. wish we were there too so we could meet our extended family ..maybe one day

  3. Hi Jan, I was wondering were you where!!!! Have a great time!! Karen

  4. Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere and I hope you have a great time. The coffee is not too bad at a McDonalds "McCafe". Take care


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