04 October 2011

Saturday at the Brickworks

Saturday morning at the Brickworks farmers market.

I had a nice big booth in the pavilion. It was an incredibly windy day, my quilt rack, weighed down with 10 quilts blew over twice.

and a heavy army blanket was tossed down to the organic hot dogs about 50 yards away. However, people were in good spirits on the first freezing cold day of autumn. A taste of things to come...Brrrr.....no wonder I did a brisk trade in vintage sweaters and blankets.

A satisfied customer with her 'new' vintage Cowichan jacket.

Look at these heirloom 'chutney' tomatoes, all interesting shapes and colors. They sure beat the supermarket type that look and taste like plastic.


  1. I hope the wind has died down now! Those tomatoes look delicious and the jumper looks very watm and cosy
    : )

  2. Love that vintage sweater!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Wind must be bad all over the world. We had an awful day here on Sunday. Love that sweater. We used to grow those vintage tomatoes years ago. Some were so large, one for a salad for our family. Seems like we are not the only ones to have store-bought 'plastic' tomatoes [although I have dubbed it 'cardboard']. Cheers.


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