04 July 2011

Back to back markets

An exhausting week end. The least said the better about the Brickworks Farmer's market, which used to be so terrific.

So I thought I would try the new Rosedale Valley Antique Market on Sunday, in the same location. They are a new market renting the Brickworks space from Evergreen. The crowd and the dealers were sparse, but I think it has enormous potential, very friendly and helpful management.

I have not got to know the other vendors yet. Monica, next to me laid this blue and white table, very elegant.


  1. Shame I am so far away, I would love to come and see you at one of the markets you go to. Greetings from Wales x

  2. I would love to come and see it, too. Beautiful.

  3. Anonymous06 July, 2011

    Hello! Here's to hoping they get better. It's always trial and error with fairs isn't it, you never know from one to the next how well they're going to go. Kirsty

  4. Looks like my kind of place, all kinds of vintage goodies.

  5. I'm still hoping to get down there to one (or both) of the markets. I'd especially like to visit the booth with all the great white pieces because I'm currently on a quest for some to decorate above my kitchen cupboards.


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