07 February 2011

back in blogland

Enough.....no more blogs on how the wee snow drops are coming along, or how you smell spring, (bloggers, you know who you are!) Its still snowing and bloody cold and dreary here.

But, seriously, many thanks to all bloggy buddies who sent warm wishes for my speedy recovery after a hip replacement the week before last. This is NOT something I am going to recommend, much more traumatic than I thought it would be, with a few complications. But I think I have turned the corner and am much more optimistic today.
It will not be long before I will be boasting about my thrift store finds again or recording my market days

Enough about me and on to my favorite subject...vintage textiles

A scarf from my Jacqmar collection, found at the back of the cupboard and not yet on Flickr (well, it is now). Very formal, a commercial take on Hermes, I feel. I much prefer the lovely soft English lady florals Jacqmar did so well.

Oh...out of the blue I had my first sale on zibbet. I have had vintage scarves listed on their free program for about 9 months now.....not a dicky bird. Resolves to look into improving exposure on that site. Any suggestions more than welcome.

Etsy news

I have had many items featured in super treasuries since I have been under the weather, would love to show you them all, so I am just going to plow on perhaps featuring one or two a day till I am finished. All are interesting...some outstanding. Isn't this one elegant?

Its good to be back in blogland.


  1. I'm glad that you are on the mend - we don't have any signs of spring here yet either!
    : )

  2. Welcome back to blogging - so glad the ordeal is over and you're feeling better.

  3. I'm so glad everything went well! Also congratulations on your Zibbet sale. I have a shop there too but don't do anything with it. Don't have the time. Good luck and here's to more sales there :)

  4. Hi there, good to have you back and glad to hear you are beginning to feel better. Sounds as if you had a bit of a time of it.
    Love the latest scarf pic...I am a great fan of Hermes and Chanel scarfs ;)
    Take care x

  5. Welcome back; glad you are starting to feel a little brighter. Guilty as charged re Spring - but seasons and the weather are two different things and take a while before they match up. If there are snowdrops flowering, then to me that's Spring. Hope you see some signs soon :-)


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