09 August 2010

market and thrifting

Hurray!!!! I have finished my self imposed month hiatus from thrifting and headed out this morning. I found this home made quilt, in perfect, gently used condition. The tag reads " stitched with love for .................. by her Gradma............. 1998 .....place" I left out the names and place (right here in Ontario) because it would be like 'calling out'. Who in the world would throw out a quilt made by her Grandma? I bet she will regret it.
But, then again, I will never know the whole story.
Just as I though I was running out of overshot blankets I found this blue one in the 'fill a bag for a buck' bin. Its not in the best condition with some fading and a 6" mend, but too wonderful to pass up. Whenever I find a treasure in the 'fabb' bin I never find anything else I would want.
The red and blue blanket was inside a 30s quilt I unpicked on Saturday. again very,very worn and faded, but still lovely.

Sunday at St Lawrence market. My buddy Jeanette does orange this week.

I had a not bad (not wonderful) day. I sold several pieces of fabric. A deposit on the 19th century blue 9 patch and the 30s Dresden Plate' quilt. The 'plate' quilt was a touching sale as the buyer started to cry as memories of her mother came flooding back as she saw the quilt, apparently she was 11 when her mother died: this , and many other mother memories were shared by total strangers who were in my booth at the time.

The north market is going to be torn down soon, here is some idea of what will be done on the site. Toronto defiantly needs a weekly or weekender vintage market, I can't think of another major city that has so little. The Department of Tourism seems to have little or no interest in promoting one.


  1. I just love the blue and red quilt! Every quilt has its own story, if only they could talk!
    I made aquilt for each of my grandchildren when they were born, I hope they will always keep them.

  2. I could NEVER throw away anything so precious! Someone, sadly, has lost part of their history there.

  3. I love the overshot blanket. I was a hand weaver for years. I remember making overshot samples at F.I.T. for school project.

    I miss my loom.

  4. Glen, I have only taken one short 6 week weaving course...would love to give it another shot

  5. I bought one of your tablecloths you listed on etsy (the square one with a southern belle/flowers/colorful embroidery) this past spring. I used it the other day to provide some shade at the farmer's market I was working at (in Alabama, US), and I got lots of comments about how pretty it was and how much people liked it. Your comment about the lady who bought your quilt made me think about that. :)


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